1.Company details

In order to comply with article 10 of the law 34/2002, of 11th July Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico,(Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce), the company exhibits the following identification details.

Social Denomination: Villacars S.L.U.

NIF/CIF: B07307804

Social Domicile: Avda. d'es Progrés, 23-24 (Pol. Ind. La Trotxa) - 07730 Alaior - Menorca (Baleares - España)

E-mail: oficina@villacars.es

2. Intelectual property

The script code, the graphic design, the images, the photographs, the sound, the animation, the software, the texts, as well as the information and content which is presented on the present website are protected under spanish legislation of the rights of intelectual and industrial property of Villacars S.L. and it is not permited the reproduction and/or publication total or partial, of the web site nor its informatic treatment, distribution, diffusion, nor its modification, tranformation or decomposition. Neither other rights legally recognised by the named title without the permission of the same, Villacars S.L.

Villacars S.L.U. will ensure the application of the above conditions as the proper use of the content pruduced on its web page excercising all civil and penal rights which correspond in any case of breach or incompletion of these rights on behalf of the user.

3. Protection of personal details.

In order to comply with present legislation, contained in the Ley Orgánica (Organic Law)15/1999, on 13th of December, concerning the protection of data of a personal character(LOPD), whose object is to guarantee and protect all, concerning the treatment of personal details, the freedom and fundamental rights of persons and especially of their honour and privacy, Villacars S.L. informs its customers that when on the web site, they do not request or register any informatiion of a personal nature. Clients have the right to have access to their personal details, change, or alter them when requested.

4. Various

A - Villacars S.L.U. Does not use cookies which remain stored in the computer. Cookies are small files that our cumputer sends to its central point, but it will not supply any information or name, or any personal details.When the customer is brousing the web site of Villacars S.L. the data bank will automatically recognise the IP address and the day and hour, when it was visited, and for how long. Also any information on selections made during the visit. This is necessary that this information is recognised and stored, in order to communicate and send the request made and so see this on the screen.

B - Villacars S.L.U. reserves the right to change, without previous notification, the information contained on its web site,as its configuration and presentation.

C - Villacars S.L.U.undertakes via this medium NOT TO PRODUCE MISLEADING PUBLICITY . To this effect, the following will not be considered as such; formal or numerical errors, which may be found throughout the content of the various sections of the web of Villacars S.L., produced as a consequence of maintenence and/or incomplete or faulty actualization of the information contained in these sections. Villacars S.L., as a consequence of the aforesaid in this part, undertakes to correct as soon as the said errors become apparent.

D - Villacars S.L.U. undertakes TO NOT SEND UNIDENTIFIED COMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS , conforming to the law 34/2002 Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de comercio electrónico. To this effect, it will not be considered commercial comunication any information sent to customers of Villacars S.L.bearing in mind the maintaining of the existing contracted relationship between client and Villacars S.L., or so the carrying out of information buletins, formation and other activities necessary for the service that the client has contrated with the company.

E - Villacars S.L.U. will not take responsibility for the incompletion of any rule incurred by the client when accessing the present web site and/or in the use of the information contained in the same.

F - Villacars S.L.U. will not be responsible for the damages or harm produced, or which may be produced, whatever its nature, that is derived from the use of the information, of the material contained on this web site and of the programmes incorporated. The links (Links) and hiper texts which appear throughout the present web site, accessed by the user to content and services offered by thrid parties, does not belong, nor is controled by Villacars S.L.; said entity will not be responsible for the information contained in them, nor any possible effects derived from their information.

G - Villacars S.L.U.will not be made responsable for the illegitiment use that third parties may make with the brand names, product names, commercial brands, which not being the property of said company, may appear on the present web site. Neither will it be held responsable for the integrity,truth and legality of the links to other webs which the customer may access form the present web site.

H -Finally, the User is solely responsible of the use that they make of the services, content, links and hypertexts included on the present web site.

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