Our 41st Aniversary

Our company celebrates 41 years old.

This year 2014, we celebrate our 41st aniversary dedicated to car hire and storage business.

By relying to your confidence in our company during all these years, we can have a broad experience in the sector. 

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Villacars S.L.U. | B07307804 | Avda. d'es Progrés, 23-24 (Pol. Ind. La Trotxa) | 07730 Alaior (Menorca) | Islas Baleares
Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Baleares, Tomo 785, Libro 42, Folio 44, Hoja 2888, Inscripción 1ª – NIF: B07307804
Storage of all classes of vehicles with fully comprehensive insurance and rental cars guaranteed by Ford.